General Taxidermy Information

The taxidermy forms an integral part of your hunting trip. It seems to be also the most problematic and frustrating part of the trip for most clients. We do things a little bit differently than other Outfitters. Instead of handing your raw trophies over to a third party to complete your order, we keep a hands-on approach. Not just for the Taxidermy part, but also the shipping and clearing part of the process.

We have a dedicated person in our office that deals with your taxidermy and shipping order, making Umlilo Safaris your sole service provider. Updates are sent to each client on a monthly basis. Alternatively – every client can log onto our website and track the progress of his order at any time.

Log in details is provided at the time of accepting our quote. We have a very specific system in place and if followed, the whole process is very simple.

Key Points:

  • Two types of orders: Dip & Pack or Complete Mounting
  • Dip & Pack orders take 4 – 6 months to complete and crate.
  • Complete orders take 12 months complete and crate.
  • The “clock” only starts ticking once we have received a deposit payment.
  • If it is a group order – the “clock” only starts ticking once everybody in the group has paid their deposit.
  • The balance of each order is only payable once the mounting process is complete.

The end of a safari is not the day you leave Africa after your hunt, but the day you hang your trophies on your wall.